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Mariana Bracelet Beautiful Flower Red & Black Swarovski Crystal


Mariana Adeline Odyssey Collection Black & Golden Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

$143.00 $99.00

Mariana Adventurin Pink Mineral Bracelet


Mariana Africa Collection Beautiful Calf Turquoise Bracelet


Mariana Afternoon Delight Songbook Collection Cross & Flower Shape Beautiful Swarovski Crystals Bracelet

$160.00 $96.00

Mariana Aquamarine Color Combo Swarowski Silver and Red Crystal Bracelet

$94.00 $47.00

Mariana Beautiful 3 line Bracelet Plated in Rose Gold

$152.00 $106.00

Mariana Beautiful Crystal Silver Night Swarovski Crystal Bracelet


Mariana Beautiful Grey Crystal Swarovski Crystal Bracelet


Mariana Beautiful Rich Purple Swarovski Crystal Bracelet


Mariana Bermuda Caribbean Life Collection Swarowski White Opal Crystal Bracelet

$152.00 $91.00

Mariana Bliss Nirvana Collection 3 Amethyst Heart shapes and Swarowski Crystals Bracelet

$130.00 $91.00