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“Mariana Earrings Fashionable Jet & Gold Foil Swarovski Crystals Courage Inspiration Coll.”


Marian Necklace Pendant Boho Chandelier Clear Crystal Swarovski On A Clear Day Sweet Summer Coll.


Mariana Ring Rectungle Shape Citrine & Smokey Green Crystal Swarovski


Mariana Blues & Yellows Swarovski Crystal Pendant Necklace Rhapsode Odyssey Coll.


Mariana Bracelet Coin Green & Orange Crystal Swarovski Selene Odyssey Coll.


Mariana Bracelet Jasper & Leaf Swarovski Crystals Dream Inspiration Coll.


Mariana Bracelet Red & Violet Crystal Coin Design Gaea Odyssey Coll.


Mariana Bracelet Aquamarine Color Combo Swarowski Silver and Red Crystal


Mariana Bracelet Bangle Glitzy Clear & AB Swarovski Crystals My Treasures Coll.


Mariana Bracelet Bangle Guardian Angel Beaded Swarovski Crystals My Treasures Coll.


Mariana Bracelet Beaded Heart Shape Silver Plated & Oval Jet Black Crystal Swarovski My Treasures Coll.


Mariana Bracelet Beautiful Blue Quartz Stone Dream Inspiration Coll.